College Counseling

Sending children to college is one of the largest investments families may ever make, second only to buying a home. With more than 2,300 accredited 4-year colleges in America, selecting the right one can be a daunting decision. Few parents or school counselors have the resources needed to guide a student toward the best college choice. The unprecedented increase in college applications over the last several years has made the college admissions process more competitive and complex than ever. To successfully navigate these turbulent waters, a student must stand out and truly demonstrate why he or she is such a great match for each college under consideration.

That's where the specialty college-planning services of Dr. OZ play a pivotal role. Dr. OZ and her staff of educational consultants offer a high level of personalized college counseling that students might not get in school.

Since 1988, thousands of families have turned to Dr. Oz, a seasoned professional who partners with students to help them choose and apply to the “best fit” colleges that will foster their academic and social growth.

Because Dr. Oz travels across the country to visit dozens of colleges every year – meeting with admission officers and students, touring campuses, and learning about the current campus culture – her personal insight provides a student with a much deeper understanding of each college than can be conveyed in a college catalog, guidebook, or website.

In a nutshell, we teach our students how to distinguish themselves from other qualified applicants, thus increasing their potential for acceptance to their top-choice colleges.


Dr. Oz performs a comprehensive assessment of a student's abilities, personality, interests, and goals in order to identify the college learning environment that best suits the student. Her thorough review of a student’s academic and extracurricular interests helps pinpoint and highlight the student's passions. Dr. Oz then recommends an action plan to help the student develop those passions with college admissions in mind.

Targeting the Best Fit Colleges

Dr. Oz identifies a range of colleges targeted to match the particular needs of the student:

  • Academic

  • Geographic

  • Social

  • Religious

  • Financial

  • Special Interests

Lacking outside counsel, students often limit their choices to colleges their friends attend, well-known colleges, or schools close to home. Dr. Oz’s firsthand knowledge and professional contacts widen the choices by encouraging students to consider a greater number of appropriate colleges.

A Full Range of Services

Dr. Oz’s expertise puts a student ahead of the pack with cutting-edge advice on how to make the most of high school years, and then fulfill college dreams. Her college planning includes this full range of services:

  • Complete student evaluation (academics, test scores, activities, goals, strengths, weaknesses)

  • Identifying colleges where the student will be most comfortable and successful based upon academics, career goal, social life, geographic location and setting, student body size, class size, religion, special interest activities, and financial considerations

  • Specialized research into unusual majors or programs

  • Ongoing consultations with a student and family throughout the college planning process (curricular and extracurricular guidance, SAT/ACT testing schedule, admissions “savvy,” special needs)

  • Creating an activity résumé with a student to showcase leadership, initiative, creativity, outreach, and impact

  • Brainstorming application essay ideas with a student and refining the essays through an iterative editing process

  • Thorough application review

  • Preparing a student and family to make the most of college interviews and visits

  • Debriefing after college visits to further refine the college list

  • Communicating with college admissions counselors, as required

  • Monitoring a student's application and testing calendar to help keep a student on schedule

  • Follow-up through freshman year for families who would like to keep in touch with us