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A tutor in Plantation, Florida could be just what your child needs to reach his or her academic potential. At Dr. Oz Prep School , you'll find instructors who personalize a learning experience for each and every student — and know how to make education more engaging! Whatever the grade or skill level, we're here to help children overcome tough subjects, rediscover the joy of learning and work towards real success in the classroom and beyond. Get started by contacting our center  today!


The Plantation Florida location is conveniently located cross to Broward Mall on University Dr and next to Boston Market. We are located upstairs to the La Brasa restaurant. We have 5 full time staff including a Center Director, a Managing Director, an Assistant Director and over 25 certified teachers ready to assist from phonics to Calculus. We are open seven days per week 9 AM to 9 PM for flexible scheduling for all of our athletes, musicians, dancers and every other type of wonderful talent each student has to offer. Our consultations are free, and will offer phone testimonials from parents of successful students in any grade. We work hard with all of the schools in the area both public and private, and will does an in person visit with your child's s